Accessing and Managing Search Settings

Accessing and Managing Search Settings

Your Vacation Labs Pro Website Builder subscription gives you the capability to create unlimited pages on your website. To help your customers search for trips easily from the homepage, you can add a search bar on the homepage. Through the search bar, your customers can look up trips based on location, theme, etc

Adding Advanced Search on the Homepage
Here's how the Advanced Search widget and the search box look on the homepage

To add the Advanced Search Widget and/or the search box, please follow the steps below:
  1. While logged in to your Vacation Labs account, please click on the Website tab on the left and then click on Search Settings in the submenu

  2. To enable advanced search, please click on the toggle next to advanced search

  3. After you enable Advanced Search, you can click the checkboxes to enable the Search box in the website navigation and the search widget in the website banner

  1. Down below, you can configure your search box by selecting the filters and including trips/collections/webpages in the search

  2. Check out our support article Creating Custom Search Filters for more information about creating customized search filters

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