Add or change photos on a tour

Add or change photos on a tour

A photo conveys more information than words can and therefore its very important that you upload good quality photos for each of your trips. You can upload any number of images on each tour but we recommend not to upload more than 8-10 images per product. Anyone image will have to be chosen as your BANNER image therefore make sure that it meets the minimum requirement of dimensions. The uploaded photos must follow the below mentioned criteria:
  1. Image dimensions - Images inside the gallery can be of any dimensions, but try to use images in landscape mode only.
  2. Banner Image - The banner image must be of minimum width 1440 px and minimum height 648 px
  3. Search for the trip you you wish to edit in the TRIPS section under PRODUCTS and edit the trip.
  • In the Basic Details section of your trip, scroll down to Photos & Videos.

  • Click on Add images.
  • Click on Upload from your system, if you wish to select images from your local device; else you can search for images on the Internet.

  • Once you click on Upload from your system, a dialog box will display your local data from where you will be able to select the images for the trip. Once your images have loaded, click Continue.
  • You can choose the Banner Image at this step itself by clicking on the image you want to use as banner. Then, click Continue.
    NOTE: The Banner you select will be used in trip card & emails related to this trip.

  • Click on Continue and use our photo uploader to Recenter and set the focus point for the banner image according to your needs and click Save.

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