Adding Social Media Links to the website

Adding Social Media Links to the website

Social media can help you build a strong relationship with your business partners and your trusted customers. Furthermore, if you are running corporate social profiles, then the best way to get more traffic is through social media links. Also, a website is your first place where social media can be displayed.

Your social media profiles help your customer gain trust in your services offered. They are also updated with your recent activities on the latest services with the help of your social media profiles. A strong social media presence is a crucial base component to include in any branding efforts.

In this article, we will help you add your social media icons to your website in Vacation Labs. The social media icons like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, Tripadvisor, Pinterest, Youtube  can be added to your website footer.

Please follow the below steps to add the social media icons to your website,

  1. Click on the Website Tab.
  2. Click on the General section.
  3. Under Social Media Settings, add the required social media links.

  4. Click on Save

After adding the links to your website these links will be visible in the website footer.

How are they visible on Website?

On the Desktop view:

On the Mobile View:

What's next?

Are you planning to add social media widgets to your website then we would recommend you to read our article on How to add Social Media Widgets to your website?

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