Discount with a single Coupon Code

Discount with a single Coupon Code

Create coupons to give discounts and promotional offers to your customers booking on your website. The coupons can then be shared with your customers or promoted on your website.
Please follow the below steps to create coupon
  1. Login into Vacation Labs
  2. Click on Products
  3. Click on Promotions

  4. Click on +New Discount

  5. Select Discount with single coupon code

  6. Provide a name for the Coupon. This name is internal use only and will not be displayed to the consumers

  7. The basic details of the coupon are specified in “What’s the noise?” section.
  8. ‘Use coupon code’ – Here you add the coupon code that the customer will use to avail discount. Keep it simple and meaningful. For example SAVE20

  9. ‘to get a discount of’ – Use this to add how much of a discount and the kind of discount you want to give. From the dropdown in this field you can choose to give ‘percent’ discount on total booking amount or monetary discount based on per booking or per participant.

  10. All the constraints are in “What’s the catch?” section.

  11. Coupons can be set at trip level or across all trips by the operator.
  12. When multiple coupons are created with the same code their priority is decided by the group priority option.

  13. After you have added the required fields click on “Save” at the end.

  14. But still this coupon is not activated for use. To activate it, click on “Inactive coupon” in the top right corner and from the dropdown click on “Activate this coupon” to activate it. You can also choose to delete a coupon from the same dropdown by clicking on “Delete this coupon”.

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