How enable Post-Trip email for a tour?

How enable Post-Trip email for a tour?

Post-Trip emails can be used as follow up emails after the tour is completed, to get in touch with your customers to thank them or to get the feedback of their experience with your services. A Post-Trip email is inactive by-default and has to be manually enabled/setup for each trip. To setup a Post-Trip email follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your Vacation Labs admin panel and open PRODUCTS > TRIPS
  2. Edit the trip for which you wish to enable the Post-Trip email
  3. Go to the section EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS and click on SETUP POST-TRIP EMAIL

  4. This will open a blank content field which will be used to write the content of the email. Click on LOADING SAMPLE CONTENT to add sample content to the empty field. You can then edit this content as per your requirement.

  5. You will notice that the sample content contains merge tags like {{name}} {{trip_name} {{departure_date}} etc. These merge tags make sure that they automatically pick up the Name of the customer, Name of the tour etc whenever the Post-Trip email is triggered. Be careful while editing the content and if you are not sure or have mistakenly deleted a tag, you can click loading the sample content again. You can give a link to your TripAdvisor page or a link to a 3rd party feedback form also in the email.
  6. Once you have configured the content in the email click on DONE, this will save the content that you have added.
  7. Now you will be able to see the content that has been saved with an option to choose how the email should be sent:
    1. Do not Send - will not trigger the Post-Trip email
    2. Send automatically after the trip - allows you to choose that how many hours after the trip is completed should the email be triggered automatically
    3. Ask me before sending - Choosing this option will not send the email automatically, instead system triggers a notification on your Vacation Labs admin panel and lets you choose manually whether the email should be triggered or not.

Once you have configured everything make sure you SAVE your changes. After the setup is saved any new bookings taken from then onward will receive the Post-Trip emails as per your configuration.

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