How to deactivate/delete/unlist a trip

How to deactivate/delete/unlist a trip

Sometimes you might want to deactivate a trip or completely delete it from your Vacation Labs account. This situation can arise because of many reasons. Some of the scenarios where you will need to disable or remove a trip can be:

  • When you want to update the rates or for that matter any other important detail related to the trip, first you can deactivate the trip, update the rates and then activate the trip, otherwise a person coming to your website and making a booking in the meanwhile will be able to do so on the old rates.
  • When you have decided to discontinue a trip.
  • When its off season for the trip.
Lets first understand what is the difference between Delete, Unlist and Deactivate.
DELETE - If you wish to completely remove the product from your account, choose DELETE. Once the delete process is initiated, system will remove it from your account in 60 minutes. Once deleted the data cannot be recovered.
A product cannot be deleted if there are any bookings recorded for it.
DEACTIVATE - If you just wish to temporarily disable the product, choose to deactivate. Deactivation of a product will make it unavailable on the website but you will still be able it access it when you login to your account. If you try to open the URL of a deactivated product, you will receive an error:
Page Not Found 404 Error
A Deactivated product will be removed from the sitemap and will not be indexed by Google and you cannot record bookings for an inactive product
UNLIST - If you wish temporarily disable the product, you can also choose Unlist. Unlisting  a product will make it unavailable to the public, but anyone with the access to the direct URL of the product will be able to open it on a browser and see its contents. An unlisted product is removed from the sitemap and will not be indexed by Google but you can still take bookings for an Unlisted product.

To Deactivate, Delete or Unlist a Trip, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to PRODUCTS >TRIPS > EDIT the trip you wish to delete, deactivate or Unlist.
  3. Click on the dropdown: Status and you are ready to Delete, Unlist or Deactivate the product.

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