How to refund a payment amount?

How to refund a payment amount?

1) Login in to
2) Click on Bookings
3) Click on Details of the booking you want to refund

4) Now under Payments section, you will see a list of Successful Payments

5) Click on the Payment you want to Refund, Now Click Refund Button

6) A pop up form will now open. You can either do a partial or complete refund. Enter the amount you want to refund ( the amount cannot be greater than the amount paid by the customer). 
Note :  You can issue the refund through our recommended option as it is an automated process. You can also initiate refund through cash/cheque.
Please use this only if you're unable to issue a refund via the recommended option. If you're using this option, the system will just record the refund - it will not actually issue the refund - you will have to do that yourself.

7) Click on refund amount, wait for some time and you will find a refund transaction generated in payments section

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