How to send Payment Links or request online payment from customers?

How to send Payment Links or request online payment from customers?

Sending Payment link to customer can be done from the Bookings section in back office by following the steps mentioned below.
  1. Identify the Booking for which the payment link is to be sent in the Bookings section and click on Details.

  1. On the Details page click on +Payment button under Payments section.

  1. Under Payment Source select Request it online, and you can select the amount you want to request, set up Payment cut-off date/time and select what happens After the cut-off time and then click on Request Payment

  1. Once you click on Request payment you will see a notification that the payment request will be sent shortly.

  1. Within a few minutes your customer receives an email. (Sample email screenshot below)

  1. A copy of the payment link email is also sent to all the email addresses mentioned in the Email booking notifications section under Booking Engine as well as to any Trip Manager/Supervisor under the E-MAIL NOTIFICATION section in that trip.

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