Integrate your Payment Processor

Integrate your Payment Processor

Payment Processors allow you to collect online payments from your customers and Vacation Labs has integrated itself with many such payment processors( which are ready to be used with just a few clicks.
If you have subscribed to our Booking Engine then you have access to all the payment processors we have already integrated with. Some of them are specifically for our customers in India and some of them for our international customers. Each payment gateway accepts specific currencies and is available or works in specific countries only. Be careful and diligent before finalizing the payment processor you want to use because its the last and most important step towards conversion.
To activate/enable a payment gateway please follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your Vacation Labs admin panel

  3. This section is divided into 2 parts:
    1. Enabled Processors - shows the list of processors that are currently active on your account
    2. Available Processors - shows the list of processors that are available for integration and can can be enabled/activated
  4. By-default tours operators in India have access to payment processor via Vacation Labs (Read more about the payment processors via Vacation Labs here):
    1. PayPal Via Vacation Labs
    2. RazorPay Via Vacation Labs
  5. But its not mandatory to use the above mentioned processors and you can choose to disable them at any point in time.
  6. Once you have decided on the payment gateway you wish to choose, click on the ADD button provided against them:

  7. This will take you to the integration page of that processor.
  8. Each Payment Processor

Here is how you can integrate your payment processor. Taking an example of integrating with PayU payment gateway for your own account which you can select from the drop down shown above.

  • You can customize the wording which shall be displayed while collecting the booking.
  • You need to fill in your MID and Salt details which are  required for the Gateway integration.
  • You can select the currencies which you wish to accept.
Once you click Save with these details, your integration is complete and you can start accepting payments.‚Äč

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