Record a payment collected offline

Record a payment collected offline

Often, instead of paying online, your customers prefer paying for your services via cash, bank transfers or a card swipe machine in your office  . In such cases you can always keep a note of such payments against each booking very easily in the backoffice.

Please follow the below steps to record payment offline:
  1. Login into Vacation labs
  2. Click on Bookings
  3. Select the booking for which you have collected the payment in hand/card
  4. Click on Details

  5. Under Payment click on + Payment

  6. Click on Collected by Us

  7. Enter the amount collected, so that accordingly the pending amount if any would be calculated
  8. Select whether the payment is done via Cash, Cheque, NEFT, etc

  9. Add comments like Collected by Sam, pending 200/-, etc

  10. Click on Save.

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