Recording an offline booking

Recording an offline booking

In addition to online bookings Vacation Labs also allows you to record offline bookings. This are helpful for your customers who mainly walk in into your office and like to make a booking.

Please follow the below steps to record offline booking,

  1. Log into Vacation Labs
  2. Click on Bookings
  3. Click on + New Booking button on top right

  4. Pick up a trip

  5. Pick a date and time slot

  6. Select the Booking Source and Booking Language (not mandatory)

  7. Select the number of passenger
    Using the Special Charge Discount, you can also apply personal discount manually while recording the booking.
    Using the Coupon, you can apply the predefined coupons and offer discount to the customer.
    Using Addons you can also add any other addons available for the tour.

  8. Select the mode of payment
    You can opt for collected by us if the customer is ready to make the payment in cash.
    You can opt for Online payment, if you wish to send the payment link to the customer and get the payment transferred online.
    You can opt for Collected at the venue, if you wish to take the payment on the departure date.

  9. Enter the contact details
    Please note the Name and Email are mandatory, so that you can request payment and send notifications further.

  10. Add the Booking comments (if any)
    Note: These comments are visible to the customer as well in the email notification.
  11. Add the internal notes (if any)
    Note: These notes are visible only to you and your team members.
  12. Click on Confirm Booking (this will confirm the booking and send the email notification) if you wish to confirm the booking, or click on Advanced Settings (this will NOT confirm the booking, you can edit booking, record offline payment and lots more) if you are not sure and just want to record it and wish to edit it afterwards.

What's next?

Planning to generate the report for the bookings, we would recommend you to read Generate a report from the Bookings section.
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