Setting Up Flexi Payment Link

Setting Up Flexi Payment Link

When tour prices are high, most travellers find it difficult to make payments of large amounts at once. In orde to make it easier for your, you allow the option of partial payments. But, this makes recovery tedious when a group of travellers decide to split the payment or you have to follow up with them to collect the balance amount.

To eliminate this issue Vacation Labs provides you Flexi Payment Plugin. This feature simplifies payment splits and recovery. It is available on request and can be effectively maneuvered through the Vacation Labs booking engine. Payment for a single group booking can be easily split between participants in a manner they like, without you needing to intervene much.

Please note: Flexi payment link is sent to the passenger email id's. Before sending the flexi payment link, you need to activate the passenger form and enable the email as mandatory so that you can send the payment links.

Please follow the below steps
  1. Login into  Vacation Labs
  2. Click on Bookings
  3. Select the booking for which the Flexi payment link needs to be sent.
  4. Click on Details
  5. Click on Sent Flexi Payment Link

  6. Enter the amount that needs to be collected and specify date and time for the payment.
  7. If the amount entered is less then automatically the remaining amount would be calculated. You can specify the date and time when would you like to collect it.
  8. Select the participants to whom the payment link needs to be sent. You can also add your custom email id's.

  9. You can also specify the payment reminder emails.
  10. Edit the payment link email if you wish.

  11. Click on Send Payment Link


Through Flexi Payment, you send the person (making the group booking) a payment link requesting an advance payment in x days and final instalment in x months (as per your requirement).

He can share this link with his group, so each member can take care of their own payment till the due date. You can send the payment link yourself to each participant via email.

2. Transparency, security & convenience

Those with access to the link can make payment, see who has paid how much and on which dates. You will receive notifications whenever payments are made.

3. Automated reminders

Before sending the payment link, you can schedule email payment reminders to customers. These can be sent every day, or a frequency you prefer, for both the advance and final amount payable.

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