Sync your departures with Apple, Google or Microsoft Calendar

Sync your departures with Apple, Google or Microsoft Calendar

Being a tour operator most of the time you might be busy conducting and managing tours and exploring the world! And its difficult to carry a Laptop or a book so that you can keep an eye on the next departures you have in future. Well using Vacation Labs system, you can always sync the departures directly in your Calendar so that you are always updated with the next departures.

Please follow the below steps to sync your departures with Apple, Google or Microsoft Calendar,
  1. Login into your Vacation Labs account.
  2. Click on Dashboard
  3. Click on Calendar Sync

  4. Select the departures you wish to sync (either Confirmed or All departures)

  5. Right click and copy the link displayed

  6. In a new tab open your Google/Apple/Microsoft calendar.
  7. Under Add Calendars, click on + button
  8. Select From URL

  9. Paste the URL you copied from Vacation Labs Back office

  10. Click on Add Calendar

Once the Calendar is synced successfully it should start showing up the departures on the Calendar like the below,

Done! You can now always check your departures on the go using your Mobile. Now the departures would be synced in your Google/Apple/Microsoft calendar respectively.

Please note: The above steps (6,7,8,9,10) mentioned are for Google Calendar and may vary for different Calendars.
You may refer the below link in case you are using an Apple Product.
You may refer the below link in case you are using a Microsoft Product.

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