Translating your Website in Multiple Languages (Multilingual Website)

Translating your Website in Multiple Languages (Multilingual Website)

Vacation Labs allows you to have a multilingual website so that Website Language is never a limiting point to your visitors. Most of the customers prefer to view their website in their own language. You can have two types of translation on your website i.e 
  1. Automatic
  2. Manual
You can always choose from the above options to translate your website. In Automatic Translation, the website translation is done with the help of Google Translate. The website visitor can choose from any of the language available from the Google Translate feature, and simply translate the content on the go.
Whereas if you think not all words are properly translated by Google then we have Manual Translation for you! This article will help you add Manual Translation for your content on your website.

Before you start

  1. Translation service connects with your Google account and creates a spreadsheet for each language which you can use to add translations. Please connect your google account with Vacationlabs from the Settings tab.
  2. You can add up to 3 additional languages to your website based on your plan. Planning to add more languages? Then please get in touch with our sales manager at

Setting up Translation on Website

Automatic Translation

Please follow the below steps you set up Automatic Translation on the website.
  1. Click on Website
  2. Click on General
  3. On the right-hand side under Other Settings, click on Automated Translation
  4. Click on Save
Your website can now be translated easily via Google Translate. Please visit your website to see how it works!

Manual Translation

Connecting your Google Account

Please follow the below steps to connect your Google Account with Vacation Labs.
  1. Login to
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Apps.
  4. Under Google, please click on Connect Google Account

Once you finish with the above steps, you will be redirected to your Google Account Login.
  1. Select your Google account.

  2. Click on Allow

You will now be redirected back to Vacation Labs back office if the account is linked successfully you should be able to see your email id like the below!

Next, lets now activate the Manual Translation on your website.

Activating Manual Translation on Website

Please follow the below steps you set up Automatic Translation on the website.
  1. Click on Website
  2. Click on General
  3. On the right-hand side under Other Settings, click on Manual Translation

  4. Click on Save
Great!  We have now enabled the Manual Translation on our website. Next, let's add the Languages and manual translation to our website so that the customer can see the available languages on the website.

Adding the Manual Translation 

  1. Click on Website
  2. Click on Localization
  3. Click on Grant Access to Google Sheets
  4. Select the Google Account
  5. Click on Allow 
  6. To add additional languages click on Add Language button
  7. Select the Language from the drop-down that you would like to Add
  8. Under Countries, column enter Rest of the World.

    ‚ÄčIf a language like Dutch is chosen then under Countries you choose the countries where Dutch is spoken so that when someone accesses the site from that country, it will automatically recognize and change the site to its dutch version. If you choose rest of the world for this specific language then by default the site will always be visible in the base language and the customer will have to manually change the language from the top header.)
  9. Now, click on the Save button to add the language to your website
  10. Click on the Toggle switch to activate the language.
  11. Now, click on the first button to open the sheet.
  12. After clicking on the button a Google sheet will open in a new tab. This sheet will contain all the content for your Trips, Collection, Static pages. Simply add the translated content in the TRANSLATED CONTENT (please refer the below screenshot ) column.

  13. Once you have added the translated content click on the 3rd button as shown to pull back the content from the sheet.

  14. Click on the Save button to save your changes.
Great! We have now successfully translated the website manually. 

Don't want your website to be translated anymore then you can easily disable the Translation from Website - > General -> Under Other settings please click on Disabled and Save!

Please Note:
  1. You can always change your Base language from Website -> Localization

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