Trigger Events available on Zapier

Trigger Events available on Zapier

We have 5 trigger events available on Zapier at the moment:

  1. New Inquiry
    1. Triggers when a New Inquiry is submitted on a trip via the Pop-up Inquiry form

  2. New Booking
    1. Triggers when a new booking is created either from the back-office or from the website
      1. This trigger allows you capture all the data from the multi step-booking form and push it to any 3rd party app on Zapier

        Booking Form Details:

        Per Participant Details:

  3. Contact Form Submission
    1. Triggers when a contact request is submitted via the Contact Form

  4. New Customer
    1. Triggers when a new customer is added from the Customer section

  5. New Passenger
    1. Triggers when a new passenger is created or added to a booking

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