Uploading Logo and Favicon on the website

Uploading Logo and Favicon on the website

Adding a logo is a great way to personalize and brand your website.
The little icon that shows up in the address bar of the browser is known as Favicon.
Before you start
  1. Recommended Dimensions for Logo : 130x130
  2. Recommended Dimensions for Favicon : 16x16
Here's how you can update the Logo and the Favicon on the website:

1. After logging in to your Vacation Labs account, click on the Website tab on the left

2. On the sub-menu that shows up, please click on the General tab

3. In this section, you would see the areas to upload your Logo and Favicon. Please click on them to upload pictures from your computer

4. If you have a tall logo or a logo with small elements and features, you can click on "Display large logo on Website"

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