Vacation Labs and Zapier

Vacation Labs and Zapier

We are now available on Zapier, a platform that allows our users to connect their Vacation Labs portal to any of the 3000+ applications available on Zapier. Through this integration you can automate your operations and repetitive tasks and in turn reduce the amount of manual work involved in them. In order to understand how Zapier works with Vacation Labs we have created a series of support articles that will help you with the prerequisites, initial setup and further management. Let's start with a few basic questions:

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online automation tool  that allows you to integrate or connect applications with each other. For example if you have received a booking/inquiry on your website and you want to import the contact details of all your customers into a Google Spreadsheet or an emailing software like Mailchmp, SendGrid, SendinBlue etc then you will have to the following steps:
  1. Export a CSV sheet from your Vacation Labs Portal
  2. Convert the sheet into the specific format that is required by Mailchmp, SendGrid, SendinBlue
  3. Login to the emailing software account and manually import the sheet
  4. Repeat the process again after a few weeks with new set of data
By using Zapier, you can connect your Vacation Labs account to an application of your choice and set up an automation(also called as a ZAP) which will keep on pushing new data without any manual intervention. You can create multiple workflows and connect with multiple applications and while our integration with Zapier reduces your work, you can focus on other important tasks.

What do you need to start using Zapier?

  1. In order to use the services of Zapier you will have to first signup and create an account with Zapier.
  2. Zapier is a paid service but they also have a FREE PLAN which allows you to use them with certain limitations.
  3. You can connect your Vacation Labs portal with only those applications that are available on Zapier.

How does Zapier work and how to learn about using it?

We have created a few support articles which will help you in connecting your Vacation Labs account with the applications of your choice, that are available on Zapier but, we strongly recommend that you go though the Zapier Help Center as well to understand it better.

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