Activating and Setting up Pop-up inquiry form

Activating and Setting up Pop-up inquiry form

Pop-up forms help you connect with your website visitors who would like to send a quick Enquiry rather than going throw the whole Booking process. Many customers prefer sending an enquiry and then moving to make a booking. This helps you grow your customer and boost your sales. 

In this article, you'll learn how to create and edit a pop-up form for your tour pages, and link it to your site.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • This feature works best with a site if you've subscribed to a Website Builder Plan. 
  • Pop-up inquiry forms are not currently available to use with all plans we offer.
  • If you wish to activate the Popup form for your website kindly drop us an email on and we'll get it activated for you! 

Accessing the Inquiry Popup form:

Please follow the below steps to enable the Popup form on the Tour page,

  1. Click on the Products tab.
  2. Choose the Tour for which the Popup needs to be enabled.
  3. Click on the Edit button
  4. Click the Settings and select the Enquiry Mode

  5. Click on Save button

Customize your pop-up form

Once the popup form is enabled for the tour, it by default comes with predefined fields such as Name, Email, Phone No, etc. You can easily add/delete or edit the existing field and make a customized popup form that suits your tour.

To customize the popup form, please follow the below steps,

  1. Click on the Extra Booking Fields
  2. Click on the Inquiry Form tab

To create a new form please follow the below steps,

  1. Click on the dropdown provided under the Search for an existing form or create a new label
  2. Add a suitable name to your new form
  3. Click on the New form + menu item

Adding a new field to the form

  1. Click on Add Field to add new fields

  2. Select a suitable field (e.g Name, Email, Phone, Date Picker, Comments, Pax Count) from the Field type
  3. Provide a Field Name
  4. An additional option such as Placeholder text, Help text can also be provided in the respective field.
  5. Select a Prepend icon for the field if required.
  6. Click on Save to keep the new field.
  7. Click on Save.

Here you can also specify if the field is a Mandatory field or not. Please follow the below steps to make a field as mandatory.

Under the Mandatory column, please check on the checkbox provided in front of the respective filed.

Editing an existing field

In case you have missed adding a Placeholder text, Prepend icon, Help text, etc, you can always come back and edit the required field.

To edit an existing field please follow the below steps,
  1. Click on the Edit text.

  2. From the popover shown edit the required field.
  3. Click on Save
  4. Click on Save again to confirm

Deleting an existing field

Once you delete a field it will no more be shown on the popup form. You can easily delete the field by clicking on the X icon provided in front of the respective field under the Remove column.

To confirm please click on Yes on the popover shown to confirm.

Reverting the form to default

You can easily switch back to default form by simply clicking on the Revert to default form link.

Additional Settings

Additional Inquiry form settings such as Submit button text, Form title, Form success message, Email Subject, Email content can also be modified for the form.
Here’s an overview of each setting.
  1. Email Subject
    Allows you to modify the Subject line in the Email received after sending an enquiry.
  1. Email Content
    Allows you to modify the Email content received in the email after sending an enquiry.
  1. Submit button text
    Allows you to modify the button text displayed. 
  1. Form title
    Allows you to modify the Form Title.
  1. Form success message
    Allows you to modify the success message that is displayed after submitting an inquiry.
Please follow the below steps,
  1. Click on the Inquiry form settings

  2. Edit the required fields such as Submit button text, Form title, Email Subject, etc
  3. Click on Done
  4. Click on Save

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