Creating and managing collections

Creating and managing collections

Collections help you categorize your products on the website and eventually they help your customers explore your products and find easily what they are looking for. In order to create a collection, take the steps shown below:
  1. Login to your Vacation Labs account and go to PRODUCTS  > COLLECTIONS
  2. To create  anew collection, click on the button +NEW COLLECTION

  3. Start by giving the collection a name, adding a brief description about it and uploading a banner image:

  4. The products in a collection can be displayed in any one of the 2 formats:
    1. Tour Card Listing:
      1. Here the products are visible in the form of cards also called as Tour Cards. To know more about the Tour card styles and designs please check our support article on website themes
      1. If a collection is configured in the tour card listing format then all the products will be visible whether they are available for booking or not. To know more about managing availability of tours checkout our support articles on Calendar management
      1. If a tour is Inactive or Unlisted it will be not visible to your customers when they land on the collection page.
    1. Date Based Table:
      1. Here the products are visible in the order of latest upcoming departures, split by month.

      2. If you have added 10 products in the collection, and only 2 of them have open/available dates, the collection will show the departures of only those 2 products.
      3. Unlisted or Inactive products will not be publicly visible on the collection.
  1. Products in the collection: You can add trips to a collection by clicking in the empty field and scrolling through the list or typing in the name of the product you wish to add in the collection.

  2. Make sure you configure a default sorting order of products. Its mandatory to have products sorted in a specific order before the products in the collection are published

  3. As you scroll down you can add more content on the collection page which will be visible below the list of tours.
  4. Enabling Search and filtering within the collection.
  1. Search Engine listing preview allows you to update the Meta Title, description and URL slug of the collection page.

  2. Facebook Share preview allows you to modify the Title, Description and Image of the post that would be displayed in the form of a snippet, when the URL is shared on the social media platforms

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