Enable/Disable SMS notifications for your customers

Enable/Disable SMS notifications for your customers

Our bookings management system allows you to send SMS notifications to your custom
ers when they book a tour. There are 3 types of SMS notifications available at the moment:
  1. Booking Confirmation SMS
  2. Pre-trip Reminder SMS
  3. Payment link SMS
If you are subscribed to the any of the Booking engine plans, these are by-default already ENABLED on your account, but you can always choose to disable them or enable them back again. To control the SMS notifications follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your Vacation Labs account
  3. Under CONFIGURE SMS TEMPLATE, you will find a checkbox to ENABLE SMS Notifications.

  4. It should be already checked, which means for every purchase the customer is receiving the SMSs
  5. To disable them uncheck the box and click on SAVE
  6. You can always come back and enable them whenever you want

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