Configure your account settings

Configure your account settings

The SETTINGS tab, also know as Global Settings is divided into multiple parts and which allow you to control many important aspects of your Vacation Labs account. Let's go through them all:

Payment Processors

  1. Payment Processors allow you to collect online payments from your customers and Vacation Labs has integrated itself with many such payment processors( which are ready to be used with just a few clicks.

Taxes and Fees

  1. This section allows you apply additional charges in the form taxes, booking fees or service charge to your bookings.

Trip Custom Form

  1. Allows you to create additional sections for your tour pages and custom filters for Advanced search in the website

Email & SMS

  1. Enable or Disable SMS notifications to your customers and upload customized email templates

Advanced Settings

  1. You can change the default time zone and the default currency of your account from here

Users & Permissions

  1. Invite team members and give them controlled access to the Vacation Labs CMS
Add remove users and manage their permissions

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